Monday, January 24, 2011

January Happenings

Please forgive my absence with posting of our happenings here at One Blessed Acre.. . .  the days are shorter and we have been enjoying the last few days of sunny, beautiful weather outside.  We've been busy with school, sewing projects (post to come soon), learning to finger knit, crochet projects and life in general.


Let me catch you up on our exciting news.  Our chickens are finally back to laying again, which means that soon the "Chickens on Vacation" sign will come down from our egg stand and our local customers will be so joyful!  We also bought an incubator and currently have six eggs being kept warm and cozy in hopes of having babies in 21 days.  The General Manager keeps saying that his garage is turning into a farm nursery, what with the addition of our bunnies and our soon to arrive baby goats.


With the loss of several of our birds to the busy road in front of our house, we've been wanting to replace them.  We are also thinking of expanding the flock to increase the egg supply this summer.  It still amazes me how blessed we've been by this stand.  Everyone in town just loves to come and get eggs from us and it seems as if we are always "sold out."    It is so special to watch the tourists drive by the house, slowly back up and pull out their camera to take pictures of the stand.  I would have never thought that my egg stand would bring so much attention.


The daffadils in front of the picket fence are starting to pop up all along the fence line.  Last weekend I spent several hours outside weeding the beds so that the sweet buds wouldn't have to compete with the overgrown weeds. 

PhotobucketI'm mulling over several gardening books trying to decide what to do with my front flower beds.  I truly want an herb garden this year and it needs to be inside the picket fence so that the roaming ladies do not scratch and trample my delicate herbs and flowers.  I just keep realizing that gardening and choosing plants and placement of those plants is not one of the skills that I have been gifted, so the process is slowly becoming a little grueling.  I have also been trying to decide on some paint colors for the interior rooms, mostly out of necessity - little Georgie has learned what fun color crayons can be on the walls. The paint we currently have on the walls is NOT washable - which while the artwork of an 19 month old is beautiful to look at and I cherish these moments because they won't last long, at some point I have to wash them off the wall somehow.

Whenever I get a free moment these are some of my favorite decorating blogs to gain some inspiration.

These may or may not be your style of decorating, but perhaps they will lead you somewhere new or inspire you in your own personal decorating.  May your day be filled with sweet visions of spring to come.

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Awesome. Your egg stand is adorable!