Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who is the author of your pages?

The moments of our lives are like the blank pages of a book, and every person that we spend time with writes on the pages of our life/book. . . . Michael Pearl

My family is the world to me, I choose to let them be the authors of my pages while here on earth.  Spending time with them is the most glorious part of my day.  The many rainy days we've had lately have allowed us to stay inside while being able to work on the numerous handmade Christmas projects.  I will have pictures to post after Christmas so that curious eyes have to wait to unwrap the gifts. 

I'm so blessed to have my family.  I love to watch them play, see their smiles, to hear them take care of one another, to quietly share special moments together snug in their rooms.  They don't think that I am listening, but I am and I find such peace during those moments.

Our Thanksgiving was spent so sweetly.  The General Manager cooked while I spent most of the day absorbed in my many sewing and knitting projects.  My Dad and stepmom came over for dinner around six and we had a beautiful BBQ'd turkey, yummy cornbread and sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes, squash, cranberry relish and of course pie for desert;  Barb had prepared a latticed blueberry and cranberry delight.


Nothing could have been sweeter than seeing George climb up on Grandpa's lap watching them read books.  George loves any kind of books with trucks, cars or tractors.


We even managed to get Grandpa to take our yearly family photo for the Christmas cards.  I guess one out of six children not looking is pretty good odds for the number of takes we had to have done.

Our house is an ever changing project; I suppose that's the way an almost 100 year old home has to be.  For the last year that we've been here we've been slowly working on different projects to make our HOUSE a "HOME" for our family.  This is the latest project I tackled.  Changing our pantry door from "this" to . . . .

this. . .  now it will be much easier to know what is behind the door.  It is a stick on label from a company called uppercase living.


Here are several other projects we've completed this year. . . .
(we always seem to have that "sold out" sign up as many of our neighbors have informed us)





May your weekend be blessed.  Thank you for all of the lovely comments.

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