Monday, January 10, 2011

I can hardly believe


I can hardly believe it's in the 50's and it's January.  The girls and George are outside running around in the front yard barefoot and in short sleeve shirts.  Lindsay was enjoying the tire swing, that is after she dumped out the gallons of water on the inside.  We are nearing the hour to take Anne to piano lessons, but it's such a joy to see them outside and not cooped up inside.  We've had our share of rain for the last few weeks and I praise God that he gives us the sun to enjoy every now and again.  

I got the girls started back to school last week.  It's much better being on a routine and following a schedule - the girls seem to handle things better when they know what to expect.  I still receive the ocassional big brown eye look of, "can't we have the afternoon off, pleasssseee."


Charlie is growing so quickly and has fit right into this family.  He loves to be inside, but lately his favorite pasttime is stalking the chickens - I think he gets a secret thrill out of trying to pounce on them.  They just squawk and fly off.  I'm waiting for the day he tries it to the rooster, Hawk.  He might think twice about his pouncing on unsuspecting birds after that. . . .

Georgie loves to play with Charlie and chase him around the house.  Charlie is a good cat to tolerate little George.


My little boy loves to help out with dishes in the morning.  He doesn't do much washing, but is a great water sorter from one side of the sink to the other.  He absolutely adores the funnel and watches the water pour out from the bottom.  You can only imagine what is going on inside his brain as he watches the water flow out.  He is very busy in the morning and this keeps his hands from being idle, or from coloring on the walls with the new crayons that Grammie got him for Christmas.


Just a parting thought for the day.  With all the challenges that raising little ones bring, sometimes we just need to know that it's in our perseverance that God's work in us is done.  Through faith we can realize that our children will turn out all right, the laundry will get done, the house will look normal again, our husband will be fed a decent meal and our extra projects will get finished eventually.  

The spirit of godly womanhood is present in the woman who, with courage and fortitude, perseveres through the many challenges of life. She realizes that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," and consequently strives for the principled course of action." -Christine Russel

holy experience

more counting of my One Thousand gifts. . . . .
#152  spending the day with the family

#153  another year with the man that I love and cherish

#154  giggles and squeels of delight

#155  tractors all lit up

#156  rain stopping during the parade

#157  hot cocoa after a long parade and tons of rain

#158  church family

#159  happy smiles on Christmas morn

#160  spending the evening with my parents

#161  the priceless look on Anne's face when she got her hope chest

#162  cloudy day nestled inside with the littles

#163  helping Abby fill her purse reminded me of when Anne was two years old and carried her purse everywhere we went

#164  free turkey broth

#165  quilting day spent with new friends

#166  Christmas cards from friends and family, even if they are received after the holidays


Anonymous said...

I wish it was like that here. The beautiful sunshine and fun outdoors!

All we have here is 20 degree weather and SNOW!

Have a great day,


Laurie said...

I think you spoke too soon! Now it's windy, pouring, and cold! Hello January!

Carrie said...

We hit 14* today. I am almost jealous of your 50*, but the children are enjoying the (long awaited) snow WAY too much. As always, thank you for your very encouraging (and timely) words.

Blessings friened, Carrie

P.S.: We had a long haired grey tabby growing up named Charlie. The markings were a bit different, but your cutie brings back sweet memories.