Saturday, January 1, 2011

Circle C Beginning series Book Review

Author Susan K. Marlow, has written a prequel series entitled Circle C Beginnings.  Last year, while serving on the TOS Homeschool Crew, I had the opportunity to review one of her other books in her Circle C Adventure series, entitled Trouble With Treasure.  Earlier this year she sent me book one and book two in her Circle C Beginnings to review. Susan is a homeschool mom, freelance editor and teacher. 

The girls and I jumped right in and began the first book, Andi's Pony Trouble.  Andi wants a pony more than anything, but when she asks, her mother says that she is too young and that she must continue to ride Coco, the older pony the family owns.  She's tired of riding Coco because Coco isn't able to trot like Andi wants him to.  She spends several weeks trying to convince her family that she is resposible enough to take care of a new pony.

My middle girls are ages 5 and 7 and they enjoyed this series.  Susan writes at a level that is easily understandable for children of these ages.  When we got to the ending of the book, I quickly realized the character trait that Susan was trying to teach her young readers; contentment.  Little Andi learned to be content with Coco because Coco was a good pony, faithful, well mannered and easy to handle for a six year old girl.

So, we dived right into the next book, Andi's Indian Summer.  Andi's friend, Riley shows her an old dime novel about indians that causes Andi's brain to conjure up all sorts of wild stories about how indians capture and hurt innocent people.  One day, Riley and Andi take a horse back ride in search of a creek.  Riley gets them lost, really lost and Andi becomes very scared.  They are found by two Indian boys who try to steal Riley's horse, but swift justice is served when one of the boys' father finds all of them and make his son return the horse and apologize.  Riley and Andi are taken back to the Indian village for the evening because it is too late to return home.  It is during this time that Andi discovers the truth about the native indians that are living nearby.

Once again the girls enjoyed this book and from the book they learned about not pre-judging others who are different from us.  Andi pre-judged all indians to be dangerous and scary, but what she found was that they were normal just like her.

Book one and two sell as a set for $9.98 on the Circle C webpage.  Be sure to check out Susan's other books in this series, as well as the Circle C Adventure series.  They are truly a fun read for children.

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