More than a little about me

Welcome and thank you for visiting. . . .

I’m a busy momma, married to a wonderful, godly man, mother to seven, six amazing maidens and one incredibly adorable knight. 

I'm blessed to have five of our children still living at home.  We began homeschooling them when our second daughter was in the sixth grade.  Their unique personalities never leave me a day without thanking God for my beautiful children.  Our two oldest daughters have made us proud grandparents of four grandchildren.  

Take a step into my home for the day.  Grab a cup of tea while we sit and enjoy each other’s company.  Even though you aren’t here and I’m not there, I hope you will stay awhile and visit because I love meeting new friends.  Life is about the relationships that you make while we are here on earth. . .

So, with that said, let me introduce myself.  I love the Lord,  and with the Lord’s strength I’m able to teach and train my children.   I love learning; and am excited to experiment and try new things.  I love to sew; whenever I can squeeze in some time.  I really enjoy making quilts, especially scrappy and wool patterns.  I love gardening;  We currently have a plot of land approximately 40' x 40' in which we plant a big garden.  I spend the winters assessing the success of our farm for the year.  I love the simple things of life and I really want to cherish and store away these days of my children growing up; they pass by so quickly that I'm often afraid I'll forget the details.  We bought a one acre homestead and are working diligently to turn into into a self-sustainable farm – we’ve named it “One Blessed Acre."  We named it such because God saw fit to bless us with this land and 100 year old home.  On our farm we have about 25 chickens at any given time, two goats, one rather large dog, a cat and a rabbit.  We keep on working to put our family touch on the home and with each new endeavor, I carefully journal them, along with the daily ramblings of our family.

I pray that you enjoy your time on my blog and please leave me a comment so that I can stop by for a visit on your page too.
Many blessings,