Friday, July 1, 2016

Come Along With Us

Having a Great Pyrenees, Kevin, join our life has added its fair share of joys and difficulties; one being the scheduling of his daily walk.  Today happened to be my day for the walk, so come along and follow Kevin and I on our favorite walk of the week.

It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny and warm for a change here in Northern California.  Today, I noticed the dreaded fog was not going to invade my walk.  Putting on my tennis shoes and grabbing Kevin's lease we were off.  Our favorite, rather should I say Kevin's favorite walk takes us up William's Creek Road.  I would love to say it's because of the beautiful scenery and lack of people up that way, but let's be real. . . he has a girlfriend and her name is Bossy.  She is a Pyrenees mix and he loves to stop and say "Hi" to her as much as possible. 

Our creek fascinates me every time we pass by it.   During the winter it is overflowing into the fields and carrying gigantic broken logs downstream, but by spring it is back to a slow meandering flow with lots of lush greenery to fill in the edges. 

Kevin must always stop and sniff the bridge.  We studied last year in science that a dog can smell up to 10,000 different smells.  There must be about 9,999 of those smells on that one corner post to keep him entranced for what seems like hours when I'm standing there.

I love Ferndale, Cow Town as it is properly known.  Who can resist an adorable brown spotted, wet nosed, cud chewing cow?  All the girls were out in the field today, but today only one stopped by the fence to see Kevin and pay him any attention.

One of our neighbors own sheep and they were out to flash us a quick wink and a "baaaaahhh" for our journey.

This is just one of my favorite red barns.  Don't you just adore how it is set back against the hills?

We are on our way back home.  And to think I thought we'd get back quickly, nope, we had to stop at Bossy's house yet another time.  Do you see her brown house in the image on the left?  That boy is obsessed with her.  Some familiar landmarks trigger Kevin to realize he is almost home . . .  first our neighbor's red barn - can you tell red is my favorite color?  

And then our very own historic, old fashioned cement bridge running over another spot of the creek.  One of our cherry trees is on the left side past the bridge.  I can feel Kevin pulling harder, almost wanting to bolt into a run.  I love that he knows where he is at and I'd like to think that if he ever broke loose from his lease he'd know where to go.

But alas, he is a Pyrenees, and they are not known for their highly intelligent minds.   So, over to his tether, while still being attached to his lease and a big bucket of water to drink and Kevin is ready for a late afternoon nap.

I am so glad you could come on a walk with us.  I hope your weekend is blessed.