Monday, September 17, 2012

~right now~

:: warming from the sun finally shining upon us after a long summer of fog and dreary weather.
:: listening to the makings of a salon spa day in the front room. . .oops, I think a little boy got in on the fun and might have gotten TOO comfortable.
:: smelling fruit leather dehydrating in the oven - - a beautiful gift from a friend's sister-in-law; organic strawberry preserves sweetened with natural cane sugar - YUMMY!
:: canning the harvest bounty out of the garden, and gleaning from a local vegetable stand, finds that we cannot grow here on the Northcoast (ie. tomatoes).
:: loving our teeny tiny apple from one of our newest trees. . . here's hoping next year we will have several more.
:: feeling grateful that the sickness that our family suffered through during the month of August is finally gone.
:: listening to pandora during the morning hours.
Photo: He did good on picking the ring :)
:: counting the days until our next daughter gets married - she got engaged this weekend and we couldn't be happier for her and her future husband.
:: chuckling over the creativity that goes on in my pantry with my newly harvested potatoes.
:: diving into our third week of our new fall school schedule - praying for peace, gentleness and grace to accomplish each of our daily tasks.
:: wishing you a very blessed day!