Saturday, May 10, 2014

A New Strawberry Patch

Sometimes drastic measures are needed for drastic situations. 

We have SLUGS, and not just a few innocent little ones.  We have hungry, all consuming, ravenous slugs that will decimate whatever is in their path.  I have tried beer traps, dried egg shells, diatomaceous earth, less mulch, and finally as a last resort Sluggo.  While this works, it is not ideal or cost effective as we can go through at least two Costco size Sluggo jugs in a gardening season.

Just my luck, they absolutely love my strawberry patch.  In this year alone, they have already consumed an over abundance of my strawberries and I am frustrated.

So, one evening I ran across this image.. . .

and I remembered that we had been gifted these very old redwood gutters that the General Manager was going to use on the side of the shed. 
He was not able to use them because there was not enough supports to attach onto.   So, they have sat behind an old chicken tractor for the last few years.
Until now. . . .  One sunny afternoon, George and I spent about an hour drilling drain holes.  Then the General Manager attached the gutter in between two poles inside the garden.  Add a little dirt, and some new strawberry plants from the feed store in town and look what I got.
There is no way slugs are climbing that high get to my strawberries!  So unless they begin to start flying, which I am definitely sure will not happen anytime too soon, adding another row or two is on the must do list.   
Now, I just have to be patient to wait for them to produce strawberries.  What old things are you repurposing at your home?