Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Birthday to Abby

While I sit here, I am pondering how fast eight years can pass.  Eight years ago Abigail Renee was born.  She was the first of two children born during our short time living in Georgia and she was our 6th daughter.  Hannah picked out her first name (she was named after Hannah's American Girl doll) and her middle name is from her Auntie Renee.  Some fun facts about Abby:
  • She loves cheeseburgers now, but at first it was "hangabers"
  • She has very wavy long brown hair that she HATES to brush
  • She loves to wear hats, especially her one-eyed yellow minion hat (in fact one Sunday she didn't wear it to church and Pastor Dan didn't know who she was without it)
  • She can keep up with George and that's sometimes hard to do
  • She loves ballet and tap dancing
  • Her best friend is Madelyn and they Skype at least once a week
  • She hates having her birthday at the end of the year even though she shares her special day with her Grandma
  • Oftentimes we'll find her curled up in her bed, all by herself listening to her sister's music.
Happy 8th Birthday Sweetheart!  We love you.

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