Thursday, December 25, 2014

December News from the Homestead


Every year December sneaks up on me and I wonder how did we get to the end of the year again.  The days are shorter, the nights longer, the chores a little lighter, but there still seems so much to be done.  December is a typically busy month for our family, mostly because of the activities that go on in our little town.  We have an annual Christmas Tree Lighting. . . .

A Lighted Tractor Parade. .


And the kids' favorite, the annual Rotary Christmas party, put on by the General Manager's Rotary Club.  We love that Santa is played by one of the employees at Fernbridge Tractor.  All the kids know who it is and just giggle away when "sitting on his knee" and telling him what they want for Christmas.
But, December should be a month to slow down and enjoy some of the simple pleasures life brings us. . . . . quiet evenings playing games with the kids, quilting projects for the new year being cut out and pieced together, lots and lots of baking, and drawing some amazing pictures of Lego people (okay, that one was for George).

My friend, Heather and I are working on a Civil War Quilt this year as our annual quilty project.  The pattern is by Barbara Brackman and it is called Threads of Memory.

I just love the "Quilty Cake"  I made Heather for her birthday!  It's more fun quilting for friends.

One of my big projects this year was a quilt I did for my sister for Christmas.  The pattern is called Old Glory by Barb Johnson and I used Riley Blake Splendor fabric line.

Even Lindsay is getting hooked by the sewing bug and has begun Lori Holt's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" quilt along.  I just love the whimsical blocks and fabrics she is choosing.

Here on our homestead we've been busy too with some simple farm chores.  The garden is getting a complete overhaul due to the abundance of gophers we dealt with this year.  All the boxes are being pulled up, the dirt moved, the plastic sheeting underneath removed, everything tilled under and then in the spring we'll start anew with fresh boxes (lined with more chicken wire) and a new layout so that a lawn mower can get between the rows for easier maintenance.  In our haste to get the garden in, we forgot to plan for maintenance in-between the beds.  Sometimes, we have to learn lessons the hard way.  It's nice to know that it's still possible to regroup, rethink and fix things for the better.

We also had our house painted in November. . .right before our rainy season starts!  It is a brand new color called, "Shopping Bag," which is definitely appropriate for a house full of women.  It is just a light enough tan color that it makes the whole house stand out, rather than blend into the background as it did when it was a grey-blue color.

I hope and pray that your December was filled with love, laughter and happiness.  Thank you for continuing to follow our family on our homesteading journey.