Saturday, March 31, 2012

New editions to One Blessed Acre

Yesterday we picked up six new baby chicks from the feed
store in town.  They are Rhode Island Reds.  The feed store was completely sold out of
Buff Orphingtons which was our first choice, but these ones are pretty cute
so everyone is okay with these six.  We haven't had baby chicks for over a year and I truly
forgot how loud they peep.

All little hands got to hold one before they got put in the chick nursery in our garage.
They are all toasty warm in their new home, while outside we've been having
some of the worst storms;  rain and wind so hard it rattles the windows.

Our older ladies, gentlemen and two ducks are not enjoying the excessive
water in the back coop area.  It seems that the minute I let them out, the rain
begins again and they have to retreat back inside the coop.  All of us on the farm are wondering
when the sunshine is planning on coming out.


Mountain Home Quilts said...

They are cute! Were you ordering chicks from a hatchery too? When are they to arrive? :)

donna said...

They are so cute! Buffs must sell out quick. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Preciouspeas said...

We ended up not ordering from the hatchery. My dear hubby politely told me I could only have six, but funny thing, now the duck is sitting on about 7 chicken eggs - she desperately wants to be a momma. I guess we'll see how she does with them.

Anne Kimball said...

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Clint Baker said...

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