Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another birthday girl

March tends to be a busy birthday month for our family, but it is always fun working through the month with a birthday in each week.  Last week we had Lindsay's birthday and today we celebrate Hannah's ninth birthday.  We were remembering this week on our car ride home from Crescent City that my car is as old as Hannah because we bought it right before she was born.

Hannah takes after her father about 85% of the time and the remaining 15% I can attribute to my genes.  As a baby she was so picky and wouldn't take a bottle at all - she only wanted momma time.  As a toddler, she was a stubborn girl, often exclaiming, "Hannah do it" for many tasks she tried to complete.  And if you tried to help her, look out, she continued to tell you that "Hannah do it," until you got the picture.

Her big brown eyes melt even the strongest of wills, especially her father's, whenever she wants something to go her way.

She loves each one of her sisters and especially her brother, but she has a kindred spirit for Lindsay as they are often mistaken for twins because of their closeness.  If one is seperated from the other, the other has no idea what to do with herself.

She justs makes me smile everytime I'm around her and she is growing into such a wonderful young lady.  I love when she cooks with me in the evening or makes brownies now without any help.

Happy Birthday Hannah!
We love you so very much.

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donna said...

I love the picture of the two together. Reminds me so much of my two youngest. They are close in age-17 months difference. So many people thought they were twins. Happy birthday to both your girls. God bless.