Thursday, September 15, 2011

When the days make you weary

“Thank you, Lord, for water to wash off counters and that the dust bunnies around here haven’t yet grown into monsters and that the jam stuck sticky all over everything really does just wash off, and for this husband that treats me tender when I’m stuck.”

PhotobucketThis piece of advice, from Ann,  took ahold of my heart one morning as I was realizing I was growing weary of the everyday tasks that lay at my feet each morning.   I'm thankful for having the messes, really, because one day soon I will work myself right out of my job. .  .  those who create these messes will be grown and gone, and this does not make me happy.

We've been enjoying the "Indian Summer" weather that we've had here on the Pacific Northwest.  While others are putting their gardens to rest for the fall, our garden is in full swing and we are anxiously awaiting our over abundance of brocolli to flower, pumpkins to turn orange and beans to ripen.  I just recently planted a fall garden of radishes and turnips.  If I can keep the dreaded slugs off of the baby sprouts we just might see some fall vegetables.

Look at this beautiful flower that finally bloomed in our side garden.  For the last two years we did not see any blooms on this plant - I almost pulled it out because it's a slug and snail magnet.  We put to work the two muscovy ducks given to us and this is what happens when the snails and slugs are cleaned up.  Now, if I could just get them to eat their way through my slug infested garden. . . for some reason they are scared to cross through the gate into the garden?

The girls and I just finished our third week of school.  It always amazes me to watch them learn and grow.  Even if we take a step backward to refresh, they seem to push themselves to get right back to where we left off before.  I brought back in some fun curriculum we'd gotten away from.  The littles seem to be happy too in their "preschool" time with momma.

I pray that when your days make you weary, that you look heavenward and rest your weary soul on Christ's shoulder.  He will bear your weight and burdens far better than you can in your own strength.  May your weekend be blessed!

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