Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another look at Coupon Krazy


Today we had an interesting comment thrown our way during our shopping trip to Walgreens.  The ladies behind us were awed at my total bill as it went from owing over $25.00 down to only owing $1.28 after all of my coupons and register rewards.  Then one of the ladies chimed in that we were one of those "freaky couponers."


As I bit my tongue and smiled back at them, I realized that there was nothing wrong with using coupons and I was saving money for my family and wisely using the gifts from God given to our family.


As we got in the car to go home and we were talking about her comment, Anne said, "Mom, we should have offered to re-shop her purchase through the store with our coupons."    That's when it finally made sense - instead of getting irritated with those who think couponing is "freaky" or "out of the norm" - we could be helping them.  

Perhaps, somehow God will give us an outlet to be able to use our new talent to help others out so that we may "Bloom where we are planted." 

So, while we are NOT buying 72 bottles of mustard, we are saving large amounts of money and the greatest gift of all is  . . . .  the bonding that my girls and I are sharing on Friday evenings as we witness to those around us with our cheerful spirits and humble presence.  Our favorite register checkout lady is Ms. Deb at Rite Aid - she has such a sweet countenance about her and we always leave with a huge smile on our faces. 

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