Sunday, February 8, 2015

Every homestead needs a dog

One morning, the General Manager on the way out the door to work, casually says, "Umm, by the way, I might be bringing a dog home tonight."  "Okay," I said, but in my mind I was thinking (rather screaming loudly), "WAIT, we had this conversation over Christmas and we decided that we weren't ready for a dog."

What tumbled out of the truck back seat later that night was 69 pounds of white fluff; a six month old, male Great Pyrenees.  He was scared and unsure of where he was.  Being born on a farm, in a chicken coop and having lived there for the past six months of his life, it's no wonder seven pairs of eyes staring at him was a little nerve wracking.

He finally made it out of the truck.  Make a mental note to self, FIRST, put a collar on the dog and  THEN, attach a lease before releasing said dog from the truck.  He bolted out into the cow pasture behind our house where he was stopped, from his trek back to his original home in Crescent City, by a bunch of cows surrounding him.  The General Manager had to pick him up and carry him back into the house where we QUICKLY decided on a game plan for how we were going to get him accustomed to his new home.

First things first, DOG, YOU NEED A BATH!  So into the tub he scrub a dub dubbed!  He still smelled like wet dog, but was a whole lot less muddy.

In the last few weeks we have managed to spend a small fortune on chewing toys, dog bones, dog biscuits, feed bowls, and dog food (who would have thought a puppy could eat so much food?)  It's a good thing we have a freezer full of soup bones from the cow we purchased earlier this year!

But, when you see that smiling dog face and feel the wet, snotty kisses on your face, it's no wonder that all the preciouspeas at this farm have fallen in love with KEVIN.  And now, it's official because he has his own name collar.

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

Oh, Kevin. You're so sweet and cute...even if you're covered in mud and smell like wet dog (yuck) We still love you!
Love the collar - very cute!