Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Quilt for Abby

Abby . . .  our six year old.. . .  our monkey and minion hat wearer. .  . and toothless wonder as of last week, needed a new quilt for her bed.  She has patiently endured having, for the last few years, her sister's hand-me-down comforter which had too many stains on it to count.

After a friend gave me an extra Marmalade jelly roll and the suggestion of an Irish Chain Quilt Pattern, her quilt was begun. 

Here is the finished quilt for our littlest girl.  I think it turned out adorable on her bed and I absolutely love the quilting that was done by a professional quilter in Crescent City, Debi's Thread Tales
The rose flower pantogram is the perfect pattern for a little girl to trace late at night.  She loves her new quilt and she didn't murmur one complaint when I threw the old comforter in the trash.
Next quilt up on the machine is for Lindsay and here is a sneak peak of her fabric.

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

It looks adorable on her bed!! What a blessing for her. :)