Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Look for the dining room and a little Christmas decorating

these curtains have been in our dining room ever since we moved in three years ago and everyone in the house didn't like them at all.  They have been slowly fading from what was probably a brilliant red to a burnt orange.  YUCK!  They needed to go.

after a little splurge, I found these beautiful navy blue drapes and I decided to only use one panel on each side (which really lets more light into the room now).   In January I'm painting this room and at that time I'll lower the curtain rod down a few inches so that the curtains are closer to the floor.

the weekend was spent decorating for the holidays, using as many swags and candles.  My favorite happens to be the one on the dining room table with the dried cranberries.
how are your holiday preparations coming along?


Me! said...

My holiday decorating is good! All done by YOU! 8*)

Jennie said...

It looks great Michelle! Love the curtains & the cranberries! The plus is if your hungry you can always eat them ;0)

Tracy said...

I wouldn't lower the curtain rod: it's already pretty low. If you feel the curtains are too short, perhaps you could add a bit of fabric at the bottom- something that contrasts but compliments, as a sort of fancy hem?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Wow, that change looks great! I love the panels only on the outside. It really opens up those beautiful windows! :)