Friday, June 22, 2012

I think they like their new home

Life at One Blessed Acre just got a little busier.  We've become proud owners of two adorable Nubian goats; one buck and one doe.  Originally, we were to get two does, but life threw us a glitch.  The doe birthed twins and so we were asked to take the buck for the time being so that the two would be comforted together.  Nubians are notorious for whining and supposedly they whine/cry less when with another goat.  I can't say we've noticed that yet as they both whine and wimper the minute we leave their sides.

Anne's first challenge was to name these sweet babies.  After two days, and lots of suggestions, she came up with Clarissa and Shorty (since he's short term here because we'll be swapping him for another doe at some point).   Next she had to learn how to bottle feed, not one, but two babies at the same time.  They let her know quickly that goat patience is far less than a normal toddler's patience - they both wanted to be fed at the same time RIGHT NOW!  So, Anne elicited the help of her sisters, but only Abby has hung in there for the long haul of feeding them every 4 hours.

The General Manager spent last weekend putting up a beautiful temporary goat pen for them to spend some of the nicer days outside.  We are still in the process of determining a long term fencing solution for them.  We welcome any suggestions and advice from those who have traveled this road before us.  They are so cute - they have stolen each of our hearts.

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

They are adorable! Way to go Abby, for being there to help! :) Can't wait to see them next month.