Monday, December 26, 2011

home during the holidays

CHRISTMAS is for family

we have been busy this month

every year we begin with the town tree lighting. . . the streets are packed, we are all dressed warm and the town kicks off the Christmas season by lighting the tree at the end of Main Street, while singing several carols.

even Anne got to participate in running the show this year through the 4-H Community Pride group

the tractor parade is always a fun time.  George especially loved seeing the many John Deere tractors drive by all lit up with their twinkling lights
and for a first - it didn't rain this year

we had a cookie exchange at our house - I ate way too many cookies - must stop eating cookies

we've baked cookies, santa hats, peppermint bark and pretzels and delivered them all before Christmas to our neighbors and close friends. .  .  spending time together with the kids baking creates such wonderful memories
no one, not even Grammie will forget George swinging pretzel dough around the dining room - good thing not one pretzel was formed with that dough!  Keeping things simple and lighthearted creates something so sweet and special.

we've been to the dentist this month, and we have to go back this week for cavity and sealant fills - not such a fond moment for those un-named children
we've been to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas Eve dinner. . .the fireplace was roaring, heat pouring throughout the room and once in the door, everyone scrambled to get the "hot seat."  The candles were lit and little ones were told NOT to touch them (that sometimes can backfire)

we ate our traditional, delicious Northern California crab and steak dinner with my parents

we haven't had all rosy moments this month and not all the moods were festive - Anne was not feeling up to par, but was a good spirit and came with us to Grandpa and Grandma's for dinner and gifts

we've opened many gifts - all of which are so appreciated. . . both in the time to make and/or buy them, wrap them, and send/give them. . . I think everyone would agree that we are all very blessed

All kids got new warm socks.  A bonus was to be had for the girls. . .Grandma got them new pajamas for when they spend the night
we've enjoyed spending time with family.  Family is what makes this season special . . .we love sharing it with family.  We only wish that ALL of our family could be closer so that we ALL could be together during these days.


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donna said...

I so enjoyed seeing your pictures. Family is SO important. Such happy memories. Enjoy your day and God bless.