Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joy in our day

Yesterday, we awoke to the sun shining in the window.  Georgie was snuggled next to my shoulders while we slept peacefully until late this morning.  It is a rare morning that we get to stay snuggled in my warm bed and I enjoyed every moment of it.  The General Manager was up very early this morning to drive to Sacramento to see an old friend retire from the Air Force.  

We were headed to a craft bazaar in town in hopes of getting the remainder of our Christmas gifts for family. 

Each of the girls picked out a very sweet hand crocheted baby doll blanket and I almost can't believe I only paid two dollars each for them.  The workmanship was worth so much more and so beautiful!  Afterwards we took a trip into town to pick up my sewing machine that was being worked on.  Relying on electronics makes me want a treadle machine more and more, only because they are easier to maintain.  But, I know God will provide one when it's time for me to have one.  I still have many sewing projects on the table ready to be made into lovely garments for the girls for Christmas.   God was gracious in that the machine wasn't in the repair shop for too long. 

We stopped at the local thrift shop in town while we were there and what fun things we found.

a new rice cooker

fabric for a beautiful peasant blouse for Lindsay

new dress for mom

new pillow shams for our bed

a sweet candle holder

I can hardly wait for our next trip back. . . . .

Once home, the girls spent the afternoon playing "house" while I finished up my chores; laundry, ironing, and cleaning.  With an easy dinner of leftovers, we are enjoyed the shift in weather.  The wind had picked up and it looked like it was going to storm outside. 


Before we were done with dinner, we had unexpected company in the field next to our house.  The deer that visit our one blessed acre are so calm and serene and oh so brave to come so close to the house. 

I was able to snap a few pictures of them before they ran off into the creek and the field on the other side.   While I was waiting for the General Manager to return home after his very long day of driving to be able to catch up with old work friends, I was revisiting the sweetness of the day, my children's adorable faces (how did they get so cute), the blessed time we had spending the day together, their laughter and funny expressions.  I am so thankful for my husband, my children and my life.  God has surely blessed us abundantly.  I just love our * family* time together.   May your week be filled with many unexpected blessings. . . . . .


Tracy said...

I'm so happy that you've moved to blogger so that I can comment! Are the cows yours, too?

Also, I see you've linked my Unless the Lord blog, but I'm blogging (almost) daily at Back to Basics now. Follow my link and you'll find me.

Anonymous said...

the deer are so cute. That is kinda weird that you went to the goodwill. Because we are going there this week.
P.s. I love your blog design!


Ahhh, I am your first comment! How fun! You fixed your button - Its too small though, now you can't see the words *GASP*!!!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Glad to be able to write you again! Always love "hearing" from you!