Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How did it get to be December?

Once again I feel like I'm starting out this entry with the statement, "I've been absent for so long. . . ."  It seems to be a trend for me on this blog.  

My last entry was at the end of the summer and here we are already in December.  Where did the time go?

After the kids and I started another year of home schooling, I feel like we flew through the months of September and October.  We had just an amazing summer and fall, with barely any rain and beautiful sunny/warm days.  We had many play dates with friends and lots of time outdoors.  The three younger girls began their full load of ballet classes for this semester in September.  Running them to and from the dance studio has become my life these days - thank heavens we are only 5 minutes from the dance studio in town.

Harvesting this year's bounty took all hands on deck.  Many hands make light work.  One afternoon we harvested our neighbor's apples.  They made a spectacular batch of apple butter.

In early August, I relisted some items into my Etsy Precious Peas Shop.  It all began from inspiration from my Dad, who brought home some burlap fabric for me to make something out of it.  A table runner seemed probable.  Since I have listed this table runner in August, my shop has sold over 140 of them.
Check out the latest additions to the shop:

Thanksgiving was spent with the entire family.  Both older girls, and their families came out for a visit.  We also got to meet our newest grandbaby.  It was sweet time of fellowship with everyone.  They even had time to fit in some Black Friday shopping - I know some of them are anxious to see what deals they scored that night.




I almost forgot one important thing - my Barn Quilt is done!  Now off to the quilter it goes!
Have a blessed holiday season!

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