Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our greenhouse

FINALLY!  The greenhouse is up and loaded full of plants.   Here in Northern California it is almost next to impossible to grow tomatoes, peppers, and basil because it just never gets warm enough.  The fog constantly keeps the temperatures in the 60's through the entire summer.   I am truly hoping that this greenhouse will give us the heat to grow these.  It is a lot smaller than I expected, but it will be a great edition to our gardening endeavors.  I think I may have gone overboard on the number of pepper and tomato plants.  I am thinking that 16 plants will look like a jungle in a few months.

Some of my tomato varieties are Sweet Baby Girl, Koralik, Brandywine, and  Juliet.  I ordered several of these from Territorial Seed Company as starters, rather than from seeds.  I have four Bell pepper plants, and one Anaheim and Jalapeño pepper plant.

Don't you just love the water jug on the protruding bar that we couldn't figure out how to disguise so that no one would hit their head on it!  Now, I just need to get the kids to shut the door to keep the ladies out of there - they would just love to scratch and eat all of my plants.

Happy Gardening!

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

It looks great!!! You really Do Not want to let the chickens get in there...they end up in a stew pot after they do. :)
I'm in the waiting room in Medford right now. I'll probably call you tomorrow.