Wednesday, May 2, 2012

fourteen years

fourteen years::

one::  sweet baby who never wanted to sleep . . .Dad and I took turns driving around at night to keep her sleeping. . .maybe momma should have stopped having those chocolate shakes from Wendys???

two::  she survived this year on goldfishes and pepperoni. . and maybe an occassional smidge of homemade salsa

three::  her favorite saying, "Yippee, I'm FREE."

four::  her first bus trip all the way from Florida to Louisiana . she ended up staying with her Dad and Sarah while Momma finished up school.

five::  her best friend was April, who lived across the street from us.  They were inseparable.  Her sister Hannah was born this year and her big sister Sarah came back to live with us permanently.

six::  She was a Daisy Girl, she played T-ball (especially for her Dad) and she got to attend her first official baseball game for the Dayton Dragons.

seven::  We traveled to Chicago for the weekend and she got to pick out her first American Girl doll from the American Girl Place.  The doll looked just like her; she named her Elizabeth.  Anne broke her arm while playing on the monkey bars and got a super cool lime green cast, but was very disappointed because it was summer time and that meant no swimming in the pool.  Her sister Lindsay was born this year.

eight::  Anne was our superstar swimmer in Colorado. .  they had a wonderful year round swim program where she could just swim like a fish all the time.




nine::  Our little girl finally had to get glasses.  The prescription was barely needed, but she was so thrilled to wear glasses we got them anyway knowing that with her family's history of wearing glasses, she too would eventually have to wear them.  All I remember about them is that they were PURPLE!



ten::  Dad took the girls to their first ever Monster Truck Jam - "what? did you say something?" was all momma heard for a day or so after the event.  Her sister Abby was born this year.


eleven::  met her best friend Kelsey online through each other's blogs.  They are like two peas in a pod.

twelve:: being a "tween" was a busy year.  Her Dad retired from the Air Force, we moved back to Northern California and we left a wonderful church family behind in Georgia.

thirteen::  her biggest milestone yet- becoming a teenager. . getting a facebook. . . .and a cell  phone now that she was officially babysitting.

I cannot wait to see what "fourteen" has instore for her. . . .  
We love you sweetheart!
Happy Birthday!


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Happy Birthday Anne!!! :) What fun to look back at each of your years with a special little memory.
We're looking forward to seeing you next week!

donna said...

Such a beautiful young lady!! Happy birthday. God bless.